Things I Wonder(ed) About

Random nonsense...

Car Doors

Why do I have to turn my key in the direction of the front of the car when I try to open my car door? This means that for the driver's door, I have to turn the key to the left. For the passenger's door, I have to turn it to the right. This is stupid. It means you have to have a driver's side lock and a differerent passenger's side lock.

Hot dogs

Why are hot dogs sold in packs of five (most of the time), and hot dog buns in packs of six? Is one out of six people a vegetarian? Do they get to eat a plain bun only?

Pill Commercials

I actually found out the answer to this one. In the USA, you get bombarded with pill commercials on TV. Commercials for medicine, to be absolutely clear. You get told that you have to ask your doctor if pill XYZ is right for you. The problem is that the commercial does not tell you what the pill is for! What does it cure, leprosy, cholera, hypertension, allergies, what? Are these commercials sponsored by doctors that don't have enough business?

I found out that the reason for not telling you what the stupid pill is actually for, is that they do not have to tell you what the side effects of the stupid pill are. At least not in the commercial. Apparently, the Food and Drug Administration does not require the pharmaceutical companies to inform you about the side effects if they never informed you what the thing is for in the first place. Amazing.


When you have a toaster that can take two slices of bread, one of the slots is typically marked with a message that tells you that you should use that one if you are only toasting one slice of bread. No idea why that is.

Coffee and Arthritis

The other day I opened a plastic coffee container that claimed that the coffee was approved by the American Association of Arthritis Sufferers (or something like that). What, coffee helps against arthritis now?
Turns out that the container itself was approved, not the coffee. Easy to open and all that.

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