KT Killer

Some 65 million years ago a comet struck earth near the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. This comet is known as the "KT Killer". It is widely accepted in scientific circles that this comet caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. All sorts of evidence, ranging from elevated iridium concentrations in rocks to actual images of the culprit embedded in the ocean floor support this theory.

Anyway, think about it for a moment. This accidental event caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Which gave mammals a chance to dominate. Mammals such as humans. Eventually, it allowed homo sapiens to take over the planet.

Unless you think this was divine intervention, this was a coincidence! It is hardly disputed that, given the same conditions except for the KT killer, evolution would probably have taken quite a different course, i.e., no humans!

All of us are here because of an accident...

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