Car Trouble

I have an old Dodge Grand Caravan (1988). It's been good to me for a long time, but recently the poor thing refused to start. Dead as a doornail. No electricity whatsoever, even the digital clock wasn't working. The cause seemed pretty obvious, so time to get the old volt meter out of the closet. Yup, the battery decided to give me 0.13 Volts, which is pretty pathetic for a 12V battery.

Patrick decided to offer his expertise.

Patrick: "What are you doing, daddy?"
Me: "Trying to fix the car."
Patrick: "What's wrong with it?"
Me: "It won't start."
Patrick: "Oh. Why?"
Me: "I think the battery is dead."
Patrick: "Then I think you should get new batteries."

So, I took his advise. Returned the dead battery to the place where I bought it, and got 50% back after 3 years. Got a new one, and lo and behold, it's running again. Good thing I have such smart kids.

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