Browser Incompatibilities

Last Modified Date

Much to my chagrin, I found out that the Javascript I wrote to automatically display the last date of change on a page (see bottom of page) doesn't work properly with Firefox. Although I'm not attempting to keep these pages completely browser neutral (sorry, don't have a Mac), I am at least trying to keep them compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Turns out that Firefox returns a much more informative string for document.lastModified than IE does. I thought I could hack my script quickly to be compatible with Firefox, but no such luck. I have a strong suspicion that it has to do with the fact that my Internet provider uses FreeBSD. In other words, I think these things can be server dependent as well as browser dependent. For now, the Firefox output will look strange. I have to find the time to write a truly robust date parsing function.

Talking about Javascript , I have found out some truly astonishing things about different versions of Microsoft's JScript engine. But more on that some other time.


I managed to hack my script so that it outputs the same thing for Internet Explorer and Firefox. It's not pretty though, it'll probably break for other browsers. Must find a way to do this elegantly...

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