Olympic Games

The Summer Olympics have come and gone this year. However, I had a brilliant idea that I would like to share.

In the Winter Olympics, there is a competition called biathlon. This competition consists of a bit of cross country skiing, followed by a bit of target shooting with a rifle, followed by more skiing, and so on. Supposedly, this silliness was inspired by alpine troops, or something. Whatever.

Now, when I was watching the Summer Olympics, it struck me that there were all sorts of strange events (synchronized swimming, anyone?), but no equivalent of the biathlon.

So, I occured to me that there should be an event that is something like a summer biathlon.
My suggestion is the following: a bit of rowing, then a bit of fishing, a bit of rowing again, and so on.

The possibilities are sheer endless. There could be different ways of determining a winner: every fish caught will take five minutes off your rowing time, for example. Or, the total weight of the fish could determine the winner.
Then, there could be different categories: carp, bass, shark, etc. Fishing with a rod, or fishing with a net. Or, in the hardest category, fishing with the oars. Different kinds of baits could be used, resulting in different categories.

Think about it. The Olympic Games are always looking for new events, and summer biathlon should be almost as exiting to watch as synchronized swimming.

When I discussed this idea with a friend, she pointed out that this would be very cruel for the fish, and that the fish would have to be mechanical fish (RoboFish). I guess there is something to that. Then, of course, clever people could mess with the programming of the fish. New ways of cheating, as well as new ways of competing.

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